Friday, August 16, 2013

Content Mint - not all blog content is equal

One word we often hear when it comes to creating a successful blog is content. "Create content," they say. "Content is King!"

But see, the town dump contains a lot of content, too.

When a writer is told to create content (Content! Content! Content!) that's like telling a painter to throw as much paint on as many canvasses as quickly as he can.

Content is often just another word for filler.

What you want to create is something memorable. Something worthwhile. Something that makes the reader learn something, look at the world in a new way, blink in wonderment. At the least, put a smile on their face, or make tears well up in their eyes. Hell, you can even make them angry - not for wasting their time, but for pointing out some injustice in the world.

So yes, create content. But make sure it's thoughtful content. Make sure there's a reason for that content other than for just filling up your blog. There is already so much damn content out there, the least we can do is make that content count.

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