Sunday, November 17, 2013

5 Questions with Yvonne Navarro

Yvonne Navarro lives in the warm climes of Arizona, a far cry from this oft-frozen tundra of Minnesota. I read her novel DeadTimes when it was published through the wonderful (but too short-lived) Dark Tales Publications, and have been a fan ever since. For those of you familiar with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Yvonne has written numerous tie-in novels for that universe, as well as novelizations for the movies Hellboy and Elektra. It's a pleasure to have Yvonne on board to answer my five questions!

1 - What´s your latest book about?

That would be CONCRETE SAVIOR, the second volume in the Dark Redemption Series (the first one was HIGHBORN).  CONCRETE SAVIOR continues the story of Brynna Malak, a fallen angel who’s spent millennia in Hell as a demon.  She fled Hell and is now on Earth and trying to earn forgiveness so that she can return to her original state as an Angel.  More books in the series are planned, with the third tentatively titled JERICHO GIRLS.


2 - Who´s your favorite author and/or what´s your favorite book?

Without a doubt, my favorite author is Robert McCamon, and my favorite book is his novel, THEY THIRST.  It’s his writing, support and example that literally made me want to be a writer decades ago.  After all these years, I would recommend it to anyone as not only a wonderful read, but an outstanding example of excellent writing, wonderful characterization, and exciting plotting.
Concrete Savior
3 - What´s your favorite aspect of writing?

Wow, what a great question, and one I’ve never before been asked!  I like getting into the character’s head, seeing through his or her eyes.  I’m just along for the ride, looking at the world from the character’s point of view and thoughts, and recording what’s happening.  I love it when I just get lost in it.


4 - Any good anecdotes about being a writer?

I’m sure there are more than I can recount, but the thing that comes to mind is working back at the law firm in the late eighties and telling one of the gals I worked with that I wrote horror.  Her reply was, “Oh, I don’t read that crap.”  Then she realized what she’d said.  The look on her face was priceless.

Mirror Me

5 - What was the most helpful writing advice you´ve ever received?

That would be to read everything, EVERYTHING, out loud before  you submit it.  And read it like you mean it, like you’re living it—no seventh grader monologue (“I liked this book because it was good.”)  Even novels.  It’s a no fail procedure that will amaze you with what you’ll discover about what you wrote.

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