Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Toyol

My short story, The Toyol, which originally appeared in Black Static, is now available in ebook format. It's currently only available through Amazon, but will expand to other platforms in a couple of months. Meanwhile, you can get it here.

It's one of my darker stories, and is based on a creature of Malaysian folk lore.

Sometimes your only hope is to embrace the darkness.

"It’s pretty much a guarantee that every issue of Black Static is going to house at least one powerhouse story, and this one is no different with the inclusion of Joel Arnold’s ‘The Toyol’." - Dread Central

After cyclone Nargis destroys Zeya’s home and family in Myanmar, she accepts an offer to work housekeeping in a hotel in Kuala Lampur. After arriving, she realizes she’s been tricked, and has instead been sold to a sex trafficking ring. Bars caver her windows and cruel guards keep watch. But when she learns of a mystical creature known as a 'toyol' she wonders if it may be her ticket out of this hell on earth.

"This incredible Toyol vision is only for those readers both soft-hearted and hard-hearted enough to be able safely to absorb the intense pain as well as appreciate the deep wide-spread poignancy of such a storm-visit of a vision. This is a helluva work." - D.F. Lewis

"It is a skin-crawling little story, well written and managing to use the alien elements to emphasize the desperation." - A Mad Man with a Blog

Originally appearing in Black Static magazine, this short story contains graphic violence and is not for the faint of heart.

It was a hard story to write, but one I'm rather proud of. Give it a read, and if you're so inclined, consider leaving a review!

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