Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Bathroom Decorating Tips for Halloween, 2016

I was looking at Amazon for some Halloween decorating ideas, when I noticed a dazzling number of things meant for the bathroom. This intrigued me, so I put together a short guide of suggestions for decorating your bathroom. this October. The theme?

Halloween - or - Scaring the Crap Out of Your Friends & Family

First, let them know where to go with this universal bathroom sign:

Welcome them into your domain of charnel odors with this motion activated skull. Its eyes glow and it makes sounds. Not sure what sounds, but hopefully it encourages a healthy bowel movement.

A beautiful resin skull is a great place to dump your stale, rotting potpourri.

Get your guests to take care of their business quickly by making them think twice about dawdling. Affix a bloody handprint or two to your bathroom mirror.

To get their bladders revved up, attach some of these Halloween street signs to the bathroom wall to remind them why they should never split up...even when going to the bathroom.

Don't forget to supply them with plenty of toilet paper!

And if they need a helping hand for wiping those hard to reach places, show them that you've thought of everything!

And of course everyone likes some reading material to help pass things along. You can never go wrong with the writings of a hardened ex-con for some bathroom reading pleasure.

I hope you enjoyed my Halloween Bathroom Decorating tips for this year. Join me next time when I give you advice on decorating the nursery.

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