Monday, April 16, 2012

Yellowstone - Old Faithful Inn - Up in the Crow's Nest

More pics of my 2010 trip to Yellowstone thanks to a Minnesota Artists Initiative Grant - this set focusing on the Crow's Nest in the Old Faithful Inn. It's closed to the general public, but the bellhops are allowed to take two people with them when they go up to raise and lower the flags on the roof. I'll post the roof pictures in the next post.
If you want to see my pictures of the Old Faithful Inn fireplace, go here. To see some other details of the Old Faithful Inn's interior, go here.

So this picture is looking up at the Crow's Nest from the 3rd floor mezzanine. A small orchestra used to play up here in the early 1900's while guests danced in the lobby approximately 70-feet below.

Here's a shot from inside the crow's nest. Note the chairs (kind of hard to see, since they blend in with the woodwork). Wouldn't it be cool to hang out up there, having a beer or two and chatting with friends? But not too much beer, because the steps going up to that spot are a bit dizzying.

The bellhop who took me up was named Edward. Here he is explaining how they varnish the woodwork with the blood of ungrateful tourists.

Here's looking out of the crow's nest into the Inn's interior. You can see the 3rd and 2nd floor mezzanines in this shot, as well as the stairs and door to Bat's Alley (if you squint - sorry it's so dark), where the bellhops live.

This is a shot of the back of the crow's nest - not visible to the public, but just as cool as the rest of it.


  1. We would run around the inn as little kids, always daring each other to go climb the stairs to peek down "Bat Alley" when the door was left open. We'd always go hunting for room 127 where legend has it a bride was decapitated and scare each other. I've wanted to go up to the crow's nest ever since I was a little girl. You are so lucky! I had heard that people could go up in very small numbers if they asked, but I always thought that was wishful thinking. How did you get permission?

    1. Hi Susan - what great childhood memories you have!

      As far as going up into the crow's nest and onto the roof, the bellhop can take two guests with them when they lower the flag (I'm not sure about raising the flag, though - I'm guessing it's the same deal, but I can't remember.) What you need to do is ask the bell captain; they have a little log book behind the bell desk where you can sign up to go to the roof with the bellhop. Obviously, there's a good chance someone will have beaten you to it, but its worth checking out!