Wednesday, July 24, 2013

5 Questions with Cristina Oxtra

At the Minnesota River Arts Fair recently, I shared a literary tent with a bunch of other authors, and had a chance to interview them briefly. I asked each of them the same five questions. Here's what children's author Cristina Oxtra had to say!

1 – What’s your latest book about?

I'm currently working on a story about a little fairy and her aspirations. The moral of it is to follow your dreams, and also to realize that there are different paths to greatness. (Joel sez, "Check out her wonderful children's book Mookie's Teeth, about a little monster whose monster teeth still haven't come in!)

2 – Who’s your favorite author and/or what’s your favorite book?

Neil Gaiman! He can write anything!

3 – What’s your favorite aspect of writing?

Inspiring kids. Encouraging creativity. Meeting people and making people smile.

4 – Any good anecdotes about being a writer?

Near the end of the first day of an arts fair, I felt really depressed about the lack of sales. Shortly before it was time to pack it up, however, some people stopped at my booth who remembered me from a reading I gave a couple years ago, before Mookie’s Teeth was published. I had read from a notebook, and my illustrations were laminated sheets that kept falling off the easel as I read. It was horrible! But the people at the arts fair remembered it as a fun time, and were impressed with how far I've come since that time. “Look at you now!” they said. It changed my perspective and really lifted my spirits.

5 – What was the most helpful writing advice you've ever received?

Have a thick skin. Don’t give up. Realize that there are lots of avenues that lead to success.

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