Wednesday, July 24, 2013

5 Questions with Pat Dennis

At the Minnesota River Arts Fair recently, I shared a literary tent with a bunch of other authors, and had a chance to interview them briefly. I asked each of them the same five questions. Here's what mystery writer (and stand-up comedian) Pat Dennis had to say!

1 – What’s your latest book about?

Murder by Chance is a story about a woman whose husband leaves her for an older, fatter woman, so she decides to earn a living by opening a tour business taking people to casinos. However, dead bodies keep showing up.

2 – Who’s your favorite author and/or what’s your favorite book?

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

3 – What’s your favorite aspect of writing?

Having written; once it’s done, and I've created something I've liked,  it's very satisfying. But the writing process itself is hell!

4 – Any good anecdotes about being a writer?

I was humbled when Vince Flynn bought one of my books and asked me to autograph it. Also, Lilly Tomlin once looked me up in directory assistance, called me out of the blue and told me she really liked my short story “One For the Road” that's in the anthology Who Died in Here.

5 – What was the most helpful writing advice you've ever received?

To write in your own voice. If it comes across in your own voice, it comes across more honestly.

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