Wednesday, July 24, 2013

5 Questions with Kathryn Sullivan

At the Minnesota River Arts Fair recently, I shared a literary tent with a bunch of other authors, and had a chance to interview them briefly. I asked each of them the same five questions. Here's what young adult fantasy writer Kathryn Sullivan had to say! (By the way, I see Kathy around at many local conventions - check out her "appearances" tab on her website - she is one busy author, not to mention one of the nicest people you'll ever meet!)

1 – What’s your latest book about?

I've been concentrating on short stories lately, but my latest novel is the young adult fantasy Talking to Trees – it involves a green-haired girl, talking horses, griffins and trees, and an evil sent to destroy the world!

2 – Who’s your favorite author and/or what’s your favorite book?

My favorite novel is Lord of the Rings, favorite author is Janet Kagan for her interesting worlds and alien races.

3 – What’s your favorite aspect of writing?

Creating characters and getting them to a point where they start taking over the story.

4 – Any good anecdotes about being a writer?

Sitting on panels and meeting other authors like Tamora Pierce, for example.

5 – What was the most helpful writing advice you've ever received?

Shutting off my super-critic. Everyone has their doubts about their writing, so it’s important to get that super-critic to get off your back!

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