Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Book Promotion - my twitter haiku idea

A promo idea I had when I released my collection More Bedtime Stories for the Apocalypse was to periodically release some haiku on twitter. Some pertain to the overall idea of apocalypse, some pertain to individual stories themselves. I attached a link to the ebook with each tweet. Self-promo is a tricky thing, because you don't want to annoy people, but sometimes if you do it in a unique way, it's more palatable. These tweets sort of made me think of those old Burma-Shave road signs.

Hard to tell if it was responsible for selling any copies, but it's always fun to try something new. Do you have any unique ideas you've tried for promoting your book (or blog)?

Here are some of the haiku I tweeted relating to the collection:

Where does it all end?
At home with loved ones in tow
or distant battles?

When does it all end?
In a future far distant
or in our lifetime?

Why does it all end?
Hubris, greed, and avarice
or simple mistakes?

How does it all end?
A push of a lone button?
An exploding sun?

More Bedtime Stories?
does a bear shit in the woods?
Yes, I tell you, yes!

Hold onto loved ones
Apocalypse imminent
More Bedtime Stories

Will we speak haiku
when the apocalypse nears,
Or scream in despair?

My apocalypse
isn't your apocalypse
Each death singular

Here's a blasphemous one:

What favorite tune
will be the last thing you hear?
Bieber or Beatles?

Here are ones for the individual stories:

For Rotten Fruit:

Will rotten fruit fall
from apocalyptic trees?
a trap of hunger

For The Mule:

Cross the Rio Grande
Bringing the Apocalypse
to a naive world

For The Greening of Bushton:

Oxycrete breathes life
A sustainable peril
The future is green

For The Opportunity:

An upside-down car
Opportunity in snow
Is it worth the risk?

For The Coffin Bell:

The coffin bell rings
Signalling those still living
to dig straight to hell

For Occupied:

The Biffy Palace
Last stand of a fiance,
Or last flush of life?

For The Soft Caress of Falling Bombs:

A new babe awakes
Soft caress of falling bombs
only makes him smile

For The Rapture Express:

The Rapture Express
Do you all have the gumption
to withstand the ride?

For Author's Note:

Will we smoke cigars
on the warm hoods of our cars
waiting for the end?

Okay, you get the idea.

* * * * *

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