Tuesday, April 15, 2014

K is for Kingdom of the Spiders

For the letter K, I'm going with a movie that I've seen only once when I was a kid (maybe 10? 11?) but it left an impression on me, and I'd love to see it again if I can find it. It's the made for TV movie Kingdom of the Spiders, starring William Shatner.
I saw it on a lazy day in my youth - caught it on TV - and could not stop watching it. It's about a town overrun by tarantulas (and for a long time, while trying to track this movie down, I assumed it was called Tarantula). It was first broadcast in November of 1977, but I'm guessing I saw a rerun - I feel like I saw it on a Saturday afternoon..

I'm guessing that if I see the movie today all these years later, I'll find it on the cheesy side - well okay, the really cheesy, sharpest damn cheddar you can find - but sometimes cheesy is good.
"Spock - you've got something on your back."
It's even got the typical crazy-old-coot character.

"I'm givin' all she's got, Jim!"
I clearly remember the ending, too, which I won't give away, but at the time, it sent goosebumps down my spine.
"Set flashlights on stun!"
So c'mon Netflix - get on it!

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