Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wall Drug - 2014 Author Tour - Part 10

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On the way home of our 2014 Author Tour (TM) we had to of course stop at Wall Drug. How can you drive on I-90 in South Dakota and not stop there?'s impossible. Yes, it's one of the biggest tourist traps in the known universe. Yes, it's kitschy at its most kitschiest. Yes, it's silly and and and...

But I love it! It's an entire city block of pure tackiness! What's not to love?

I mean, where else can you get free water? (okay, don't actually bother to answer that.) But seriously, it is a fun place, and they do have a lot of shops, plus a wonderful bookstore full of books that take place out west. They even bought copies of Ox Cart Angel! And the donuts in their cafe - I always have to buy a couple of those.
Here's the free water - It's like the hanging gardens of Eden, but in South Dakota.
Don't forget the animatronics. There are tons of them.

What else says family attraction like a lecherous old dude named Dr. Feelgood?
The very loud T-Rex!
The old cowboy band. Hmm, there's something odd about these guys...
Not quite sure what it is, but...wait...those eyes...
Those eyes!
Oh dear God, those eyes!!!
But seriously, the place is a lot of fun. And these peculiar oddities are a big part of that fun. There's an ice cream parlor, art gallery, fudge shop, clothing store, jewelry shop, the aforementioned bookstore, gift shop, and yes, there actually is a pharmacy. It is a great diversion on a long trip for kids and adults alike. And of course all of the signs on the highway leading up to the place build the anticipation.

Plus...don't forget the free water.

Thanks for stopping by!

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