Tuesday, April 7, 2015

In Which I Appear in a Best-Selling Novel

Novelist Simon Wood's newest novel, The One That Got Away, has been one of Amazon's top-selling Kindle novels for quite a few weeks, lately. I met Simon at the 2002 World Horror Convention in Chicago - we were both in Mort Castle's Writing Workshop - and I've followed his writing career ever since.

I can't remember how, exactly - whether he held a drawing from his newsletter followers, or just picked the most charming, good-looking, gregarious folks on the internet - but when he wrote his newest novel, he named a number of characters after people he knew. I was one of them (had to be the most charming/good-looking thing - had to be) and lo and behold, I make an appearance as an inspector bloke for a couple of pages. (Bloke because Simon's a transplanted Brit).

Rumor has it that if it's ever made into a movie, George Clooney will be playing my part. Or maybe Meryl Streep - she can play anyone!

People have been loving the novel, and though I have absolutely zero to do with Simon's or the novel's success, I'll still take all the credit I can for it.

You're welcome.

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