Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Outernet

This school year, I supervised my daughter's after-school writing group. I basically provided advice and loose writing prompts, and they did the rest. Usually, at the end of each session, a handful of them would read what they had written.

At our last session of the school year, one of the kids read something she wrote about the outernet. Though there is an actual thing called the Outernet (which also seems pretty cool) her story was about how a kid was on the internet and the power went out. So she decided to go outside, trying the outernet for a change.

I loved that idea!
Millions of small green USB cables connected to a vast porous computer!
Our kids are growing up so connected to screens; it's important to get them into the outernet every so often!

And you - yeah you - should occasionally take a walk in the outernet, too.

All hail our giant router!
* * * * * 

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