Friday, September 2, 2016

An Afternoon at the Minnesota State Fair, 2016

I left work early on Wednesday to go sign books with the amazing Twin Cities Sisters in Crime group for Read & Ride Day at the Minnesota State Fair. My signing shift was 1-3, so after that, I took my camera and went exploring the fairgrounds. It was a beautiful day to be there.

What better place than the fair to see...

Thrilling rides!

Cute animals!

Profiles in butter!

 Colorful funhouses!

Freshly bathed llamas!

Prince-themed grain art!

Betty's (I'm assuming) award-winning pie!

Equestrian competitions!

Giant pumpkins!

Giant udders!



As the day wore on and my feet grew weary, I decided to head on out. 

It was a fine day at the Minnesota State Fair!

Oh, thing to always remember, however...

Thanks for stopping by!

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