Saturday, November 17, 2012

St. Louis Arch, Part 1

Over MEA weekend, my family drove south to St. Louis, and one of our missions was to go up into the famous Arch. We had great weather - a beautiful fall day. Here's one of the walkways leading to and from the arch:

The Arch itself:

At the base:

Beneath the Arch is a wonderful museum. They have some movies about the Arch and about the Louis & Clark expedition. It's also where you go to get tickets to go up into the Arch itself. To get into the museum, you go through a security checkpoint, which might take a while, but it's worth the wait.

Here are some cool photos (taken by Melissa) of different angles of the Arch:

It looks so thin, but that's really an illusion.

Straight-on shot

Looks sort of like a Mobius Strip.

This last shot (below) is the same as above, just zoomed in so that you can see the windows at the top - those little black rectangles. That's where we'll be going in the next entry.

For St. Louis Arch Part 2, click here and come on up for the spectacular views!

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