Saturday, November 17, 2012

St. Louis Arch, Part 2

Here's where we're going in the next series of photos:

The St. Louis Arch

The kids looking a little nervous.

So, the picture above is what we rode up to the top in. The photo doesn't really do it justice, because inside, it's bright white and seems very space-pod-like. It fits five people, but luckily, only the four of us were in this one. There's a series of of these pods linked together - I think either six or eight, but I can't remember for sure. They form sort of a train that travels along the inside of the arch - there's one that goes up each side. As you're traveling up or down, you can see out the little windows into the inside of the arch. Lots of steps.

So when your pod stops, you get out and go up a few more steps, and enter the observation area. It's about the length of a bus or two. Here's Paige looking out one of the observation windows, and Melissa looking at me:

Some of the views:

St. Louis

The Mississippi

Looking almost straight down

So there ya have it. Here's the official St. Louis Arch website.

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