Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Poopy Soup - or - Zach Tells a Joke!

My son, Zach, as you may or may not know, has autism. He's eleven and a good kid. Well...99% of the time, anyway - though when he has a tantrum watch out! Screaming, hitting, breaking things. But like I said, the other 99% of the time he's great.

Last night he made a joke. One of his first, if not the first.

Laughter is an important part of our family; we all like to make each other laugh. Although Zach may not get all the bad puns that fly around our house (or possibly, he ignores them out of politeness) he loves humor. Slapstick, especially. Tickling is good, too.

We had grilled burgers and baked beans for supper last night. The sauce of the beans was darker than usual. It was a mesquite flavor, and instead of the typical navy beans, black beans were used. When Melissa dished it up, Zach looked at it, pointed, and asked, "Is that poopy soup?" Then he laughed.

We all laughed.

Last night he officially joined our ranks of low-brow humor. I'm guessing next come the dick jokes. We'll gladly take them. It's progress. We'll take all we can get.

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