Saturday, April 5, 2014

E is for Erections Lasting Longer Than 4 Hours

Okay, bear with me on this one.

I have a theory about those advertisements for Viagra, Cialas and Levitra. You know how they say that it's important to call a doctor if an erection lasts for more than four hours? I think that this is less of a medical warning and more of a sly marketing gimmick. I'm guessing when some guys hear this, they don't at first think, 'Oh no! I can't have a long-lasting erection. I have places to go!' It's probably more like, 'Wow! Does that mean I can have a super boner? Sign me up!'
Seriously, dude - it was like THIS...for 4 hours. Fist bump!

Here's a fun fact of the day. Did you know that Viagra has been shown to help hamsters recover from jet lag?
I just flew in from Albuquerque, and boy are my arms so NOT tired!
It can also make flowers stand up straight for an extra week if you dissolve it in water.
Doctor! Help me!!
Okay, that was TWO fun facts!

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  1. When these meds first came in the market I was standing in line at my local drugstore and there was a pushy old couple furious asking for more pills and the pharmacists saying your insurance only covers 6 per month... after all the hullabaloo and by old we are talking WALKERS and ancient! The pharmacist with a huge smile on his face let all of us know that it was all about VIAGRA!!!! The reactions varied between utter disbelief, laughter, and a young woman furious that her insurance did not cover her birth control pill but covered VIAGRA for a very old couple! FUN #atozchallenge post!

  2. Ha ha ha, i need to get me some Viagra for my flowers! :)

    Good luck with the rest of the challenge x

  3. Lol. Nice. I love the headline.

    The hamster and the flower things are just too much.

    Best of luck with the rest of A to Z!