Monday, June 30, 2014

A Yellowstone Interlude - The Animals - 2014 Author Tour

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When I spent five seasons working in Yellowstone, I saw maybe three or four bears over that whole period. I bring my daughter out there, and we spot three bears within the first half-hour of entering the park. The first bear was a bit far away, but the momma grizzly and her cub came along.


Mama and cub

"That Goldilocks was sure tasty, Momma - can I have another one for dinner?"
 Paige took all of the animal photos on this page. She's a quick learner with the camera! These elk were also seen fairly early on in the park, not too long after we saw the bears.


 Our third day in Yellowstone was spent at one of the cabins of the Lake Lodge. We saw this coyote, and at first thought it was a stray dog.

This coyote was hanging out near the Lake area ranger station

"I'm so gonna get you, mouse!"

Bison - you can't see all of them, but there were about 20 bison calves in this group! These were along the Madison River, about five miles or so before the Madison campground.

Bison calf

Bison calf nursing

A dear deer - near Lake
 We didn't see a lot of elk this time around - usually I've seen them all over the place. We also got a glimpse of a mountain goat early on, but we weren't fast enough to get a picture.

Thanks for stopping by! Now onto the wildflowers we saw.

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