Monday, June 30, 2014

Elk River Books, Livingston, Montana - 2014 Author Tour - Part 7

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Paige and I spent night five of our 2014 Author Tour in Bozeman. The hotel had a pool with a water slide, so again, Paige spent time in the pool while I read my Kindle. Finished Death on the Nile and started another Agatha Christie novel, Cards on the Table. I was in a Christie mood, I guess.

Day 6 we were scheduled to do a book signing at Elk River Books in Livingston from 11am-1pm, about 20 miles east of Bozeman. It's a wonderful bookstore, located in the space that used to house Chatham's Fine Arts (Russell Chatham is one of my favorite western artists). It's got books, of course - both used and new - and it serves coffee drinks, tea, smoothies - they even offer a  wheat grass smoothie. They have an upstairs that holds more books, but also has a nice large open area for visiting authors to give readings.

The bookstore is run by cousins Marc Beaudin and Andrea Peacock, two very nice folks who went out of their way to make Paige and I feel welcome.

Andrea and Marc
While there, an old colleague from my workin'-in-Yellowstone days,Tom Gierhan, along with his wife and son, came to visit. It was nice to catch up on things as well as reminisce about some of the folks we'd known.

Usually, I try to leave a venue (when I do a book signing) with more money then when I came in, but I was unsuccessful here, and ended up buying George Black's Empire of Shadows and William Hjorstberg's massive biography of Richard Brautigan called Jubilee Hitchhiker

After the signing, we headed south through Paradise Valley and into Yellowstone.

Click here for the next part of our journey - a Yellowstone Interlude.

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