Monday, June 30, 2014

Range Riders Museum, Miles City, Montana - 2014 Author Tour, Part 5

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Day four of our self-proclaimed 2014 Author Tour. Paige and I had done a lot of driving the day before (well, I did the driving - Paige isn't quite old enough for that, yet) traveling from Ellendale, North Dakota to Miles City, Montana via Highway 12 - the Yellowstone Trail. We stayed in a hotel with a pool this time. Paige did a lot of swimming while I read and Agatha Christie novel on my Kindle. We got up the next morning - day four - and started out by heading over to the Range Riders Museum in Miles City to see if they wanted to stock any of my books in their gift shop. They bought a few, and Paige and I took a tour of the place.

It's a nice museum with a lot of variety. They give you a map of the complex with arrows hand-drawn on to show you the best route to take through the many sections. There were displays of barbed wire, axes, guns, old farm tools, vehicles, hats, saddles, arrowheads, dioramas of local areas with important historical significance with taped narration…in other words, lots of stuff.

Telephone pole insulators

Bert Clark's gun exhibit

The bottom gun remnants were found with a bullet in the chamber and the thing cocked, ready to be fired. I couldn't help but wonder if the gun's owner had been in a life or death struggle and lost.

Re-creation of an old west street

I love the combination of gun shop and violin maker

A nice auditorium for events
Paige and I didn't have time to tour the whole place. There was a lot we didn't see. I'd love to go back when I have more time to more thoroughly check the place out. The Range Riders Museum is definitely worth the stop if you're passing through Miles City.

Our destination this day was Bozeman. But there were a few more stops along the way, with some surprising finds. So on to part 6!

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