Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Yellowstone Interlude - Lake Lodge - 2014 Author Tour

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Day 7 of Paige and my 2014 Author Tour (trademark) brought us to Lake Lodge. It has a much more laid back feel than the Lake Yellowstone Hotel - and is much more affordable. The Lodge itself doesn't have any rooms inside, but it rents out cabins. Some, like the one we stayed in, are pretty...well, I guess you could say cozy.

Really cozy...
They do have larger cabins, too, but we were trying to save some cha-ching.

The Lodge building itself has a nice long porch with a great view of Lake Yellowstone.

Paige hanging out on the porch
Inside it's nice and comfortable. It has the prerequisite gift shop and a cafeteria, as well as comfy chairs, nice writing desks and a fireplace.

Paige took this picture of an elk at dusk, and even though it was taken with a digital camera, it looks like it was a double exposure. I think it looks pretty cool:

The next day, we made our way to the Grand Tetons and Jackson, Wyoming.

Thanks for stopping by. Here's part 'next' of our 2014 Author Tour.

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