Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Yellowstone Interlude - Lake Yellowstone Hotel - 2014 Author Tour

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They just did a refurbishing of the Lake Yellowstone Hotel, and they were having the official grand opening the day after we were there. But they had a fresh coat of paint on, new furniture, and if I knew more about the Lake Yellowstone Hotel, I could point out other changes. But I don't. So  won't.

Anyway, the same guy who was the architect for the Old Faithful Inn was also responsible for the Lake Yellowstone Hotel, which is pretty much 180-degrees different from the Inn. The Lake Hotel is much more elegant. Refined. Instead of a fiddler, for example, they have a string quartet that plays in the evening.

I'd love to stay there, but until I'm pulling in more buckaroo bonzais, I'll have to wait, because the place is pricey!

Paige and I did, however, have lunch in their beautiful dining room. I had a turkey sandwich that was incredible. It had sliced turkey, thousand island dressing, some peppers and onions, and the bread was toasted with cheddar cheese crusted on the outside. Dear God, it was this close to being a full-on sexual experience. Afterward, we hung out in the sun room for a while. Very relaxing there. I read a book while Paige played on her DS. Half-finished puzzles were spread across some of the tables between the comfortable chairs.

The front of the hotel that faces the lake
Every time I've been here, there are always one or two bison hanging out around the back parking lot. 
The sun room with new furniture
"What'll it be then, eh?"
They pulled the plastic sheet off of this fireplace while we were there. Not sure if all the tile work on it is new, or it just had a cleaning.
There are affordable cabins which you can rent next to the hotel, and there's also the Lake Yellowstone Lodge just a hop, skip and a jump away, which also has cabins. Lake is a relaxing, beautiful spot to stay, and is also near the Bridge Bay Marina, where you can rent a boat or go on a scenicruise tour of the lake.

On to the next part of the tour - and thanks for stopping by!

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