Saturday, July 14, 2018

1937 Vintage Road Trip Scrapbook - Part 21 - Yellowstone, Part 2

More Yellowstone

I don't know where the Johnsons stayed in Yellowstone. Maybe they drove on through in single day (which would be a shame.) They may have camped or stayed in one of the lodges or inns. Hard to tell from the scrapbook. 

Below are close-up of the postcards from the above page. I like how it looks like there's a face within the billowing steam of Old Faithful. Below the following postcard, our intrepid reporter Joan writes, "150 ft high. This is the most celebrated picture ever taken of this famous geyser, which with clock-like regularity gives its exhibitions at intervals of 60 to 80 minutes..." I believe there's another line written under this, but it's too faded to read.

Below is a postcard of Giant Geyser, of which Joan writes, "This geyser continues each display for an hour and a half. Its intervals of quiet between eruptions vary from six to fourteen days."

Below is a postcard of the Old Faithful Inn, which was constructed in 1904. I love this old building, and spent many evenings inside, writing, reading, and listening to the piano player while having a few cocktails. If you want to see a couple blog posts of pics I took inside the Inn, you can find them here   and  here.

Among the scrapbook pages of Yellowstone, Joan showed some of her drawing skills with pics of flowers. Below is a yellow waterlilly.

Below is a Cedar Juniperus Scopulorum (aka Rocky Mountain Juniper)

Last but not least is Joan's drawing of a giant daisy.

Believe it or not, there are a few more pages that Joan dedicated to their time in Yellowstone.

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