Saturday, June 28, 2014

2014 Author Tour - Overview

My daughter Paige and I went on a self-proclaimed author tour for about ten days at the end of June. I paid for it all with money earned from writing, and also made money along the way in book sales and (very modest) speaking fees. We had a lot of fun and best of all met a lot of great people, saw interesting places, and most importantly, had good father/daughter bonding time.

I gave a couple author talks, did a couple book signings, and stopped at a lot of museums along the way to see if they wanted to stock Ox Cart Angel, due to its historical significance to the regions of the Dakotas and Minnesota. I was surprised at the response! I left a trail of OCA books throughout North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming. Here's a list of some of the new places that now carry it due to our recent wanderings:

National Buffalo Museum, Jamestown, ND
Grand River Museum, Lemmon, SD
Range Riders Museum, Miles City, MT
Elk River Books, Livingston, MT
The Book Peddler, West Yellowstone, MT
West Texas Trail Museum, Moorcroft, WY
Readers' Den bookstore, Mitchell, SD

It was a fun journey, but it's good to finally be back home. If you'd like to read about our trip, here's part 1, and you can go on from there! I'll tell you about the places we stopped at, people we met, and other fun things we encountered along the way.

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