Saturday, July 14, 2018

1937 Vintage Road Trip Scrapbook - Part 22, Yellowstone Part 3

Even MORE Yellowstone!

The Johnson family is still in Yellowstone, soaking up the beauty. This next page has wonderful old postcards of; Giant Geyser Cone, Grizzly Bears at Otter Creek Feeding Grounds, and Emerald Pool. There's also a simple map of the park, and of course, Joan's drawings of flowers, which I featured in the previous post.

More postcards and another of Joan's drawings. 

Next to the top postcard of Morning Glory Pool, Joan writes, "Filled with pure water over 200-degrees in temperature, never erupts or boils - always remaining quiescent like the flower for which it is named. It is 23 ft across and about 29 ft deep. The narrow fissure supplying this hot spring penetrates the earth to unknown depths."

The other two postcards on this page are of Tower Falls and the Mammoth Hot Spring Terraces. I also like the little advertisement Joan included on this page. 'Try Ten Litening Gasoline; Made in the West for Use in the West.' I believe it was a window sticker. The company was part of the Yale Oil Corporation in Billings, Montana.

Below are two more cool old postcards, the first again of Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces, and the next of Jupiter Springs. The cartoon on the bottom of the page says, "The wife insisted on a basement so we could have a ping pong table." There's also the awesome brochure, which I show in more detail farther below.

Accommodations and Services at the Disposal of Visitors to Yellowstone Park, 1937:

Look at the prices for 1937 lodging (including meals!)!

That's it for the Johnsons in Yellowstone.

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